Beloved Duo Tux and Fanny Have Finally Found Their Home

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2 min readSep 8, 2022

Albert Birney’s magical film and video game join worker-owned Means TV

Tux and Fanny, a feature-length film and video game debut on Means TV

Tux and Fanny, the feature length film and video game about two friends enjoying life’s simple pleasures, have now found their permanent home on worker-owned Means TV.

Together, Tux and Fanny explore the fleeting nature of life, and what it’s like to spend time existing in a world far away from consumerism or competition.

Created by Albert Birney, Tux and Fanny began as a series of micro-shorts posted to Instagram and quickly gained a cult following. Together, the episodes amount to a feature film, which is now available to stream exclusively on Means TV.

In 2021, Birney collaborated with Gab Koenig to develop the Tux and Fanny video game, further expanding the universe.

“When I started animating Tux and Fanny it felt right to place them in a world far away from the stresses of our capitalist society,” said Albert Birney, creator of Tux and Fanny. “For this reason Means TV is a perfect home for these two friends.”

The game has been updated and re-released by Means Interactive, the game publishing arm of the Means Cooperative, and is now available to play on Nintendo Switch, PC & Mac.

Tux and Fanny offers reprieve from the stressful consumerism and competition so woven into modern times.

“When most entertainment is decided by an algorithm and as in your face as possible, screaming for your attention, Tux & Fanny takes the opposite approach — inviting you to slow down and escape the rat race of Capitalism for a few hours,” said Naomi Burton, cofounder of Means TV.

“We’re proud to have the Tux and Fanny universe on the world’s first anti-capitalist, worker-owned platform.”

Currently, Birney is working on a second Tux and Fanny film that will premiere exclusively on Means TV in 2023.

Watch the film:

Download the game on Steam, Nintendo Switch, GOG and


Means TV is the world’s first worker-owned streaming service with a library of movies, documentaries, shows and news programming.

Albert Birney is a Baltimore based filmmaker. He has directed four feature films, The Beast Pageant (co-directed with Jon Moses), Sylvio and Strawberry Mansion (both co-directed with Kentucker Audley) and Tux and Fanny. He is currently animating part two of Tux and Fanny.

Means Interactive is the gaming division of the Means Cooperative.



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