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2 min readDec 22, 2021

Dec 22, 2021 — Crackhead Barney, the NYC folk hero and popular social media persona joins Means TV’s line-up of anti-capitalist comedy today.

Barney has gained hundreds of thousands of followers by spinning comedy from trump rallies, anti-vaxxers, New York elected officials, zionists and more, highlighting the absurdness of their beliefs and the chaotic nature of life.

Anarchist to the core and governable by no one, Crackhead Barney offers a spectacle of liberation and defiance.

“Crackheadbarney and friends is joining the Means TV family to end censorship and the tyrannical war on black titties.” says Barney.

This announcement marks the first time Crackhead Barney will be available on a platform other than traditional social media sites. The show began on Tik Tok and Instagram where it gained a massive following but has run into issues of getting banned and having videos flagged or removed.

The entire backlog and all new episodes will be available to stream on Means TV beginning Dec. 22, including all videos that have been banned from social media.

Plus, on Christmas day Crackhead Barney is dropping their longest video yet, available exclusively on Means TV.

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