Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t Premieres on Means TV

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2 min readJul 30, 2021


A low-brow nature series hosted by a misanthropic Chicago Italian joins weekly line up

Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t, the wildly popular plant ecology Youtube series hosted by Joey Santore is now on Means TV.

The show takes a low-brow, crass approach to plant ecology and evolution “as muttered by a misanthropic Chicago Italian” (Santore) and has garnered millions of views across Youtube and social media.

Santore is a self-taught botanist and former freight train driver in Oakland, California who believes the natural world can be a balm for modern anxieties caused by climate change and Capitalism.

Amidst mild profanity, general irreverence and a thick Chicago accent, Joey examines plant life and the nature of the rocks and soil they grow on, as well as the evolutionary adaptations that enable them to do what they do.

“My aim is to give people a context in which to place the nature they see around them. Things that were formerly bland to them become these organisms with their own evolutionary lineages. One single rock can tie a person back to the event in which that rock was created, whether it was a volcanic eruption 20 million years ago or the gradual deposition of sediments in an ocean 400 million years ago. It makes life a lot more interesting.” said Santore.

With topics like “A Guide to Illegal Tree-Planting”, “The Plant Ecology of Concrete, Garbage and Urine — Botanizing A Toilet”, and “PSA — Kill Your Lawn”, the show serves as an antidote to the nausea caused by life in modern consumer society.

The entire series is now streaming ad-free on Means TV, with new episodes added every week.

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