Papa & Boy Coming This Summer

New animated series depicts the absurd political reality of a world inhabited only by Papas and Boys

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2 min readJun 19, 2022

June 19, 2022 — Papa & Boy, the animated series created by Shawn Vulliez and Aaron Moritz of the Seriously Wrong Podcast will premiere on Means TV this summer.

Papa & Boy is an comedy about a world that is populated entirely by fathers and sons. Through this absurd premise, we discover the economic and social machine that propels their society, maintains inequality, and enforces the status quo.

At its heart, Papa & Boy is buddy comedy about the struggle between a father and his always questioning, disobedient son.

The show follows their relationship as they navigate a surreal world ruled by a brutal socio-economic system called “the fatherson system”, a system enforced by police and military, and upheld by those who benefit from it. The comical nature of “the fatherson system” reveals truths of what we experience every day living under Capitalism and the evil reality we’ve come to tolerate as normal.

Season 1 of Papa & Boy premieres this summer on Means TV

Co-creator, Aaron Moritz describes the show as “a satire about hierarchy, class, and the fraught relationship between children and the cruel societies they inherit from their parents. Societies designed to let them down”.

“We wanted to make a funny cartoon that promotes overthrowing hierarchy and moving to a directly democratic society.” says co-creator Shawn Vulliez.

Both creators will play opposite each other in the show as Papa (Shawn Vulliez) and Boy (Aaron Moritz) as well as voice all the other characters in the series.

Season 1 will be streaming exclusively on Means TV, the first worker-owned steaming service.

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