Seize The Memes Is Bob Ross for a Generation Raised on Meme Art

New Means TV series starring Teenage Stepdad premieres on 6/9

Seize the Memes with Teenage Stepdad, a new art instruction series that encourages you to reject any and all art instruction premieres on Means TV today.

Created by and starring meme art pioneer, Teenage Stepdad, the 6-episode series is set in an alternate reality ’90s public access universe. In each episode, Teenage Stepdad shows viewers how to create elaborate pieces of digital art, discusses the rise of DIY media, and spreads the gospel of creation for creation’s sake.

Seize The Memes Trailer

Viewers are encouraged to reject pre-packaged media narratives and become active participants in our collective story, by making and propagating their own anti-media using their phone or computer.

Episode topics range from “Make Your Own Fucking Propaganda” and “Fuck Modernism”, to “Copyright is Fake” and “Drop Out of Art School”.

“Seize the Memes is a show set in a half-remembered bygone world of public broadcast instructional programming but our show celebrates digital meme art. I hope people find it to be equally absurd and sincere, unlike anything else they’ve seen yet somehow familiar and comforting.”

“Means TV was the only platform that would have allowed this show to be what it was meant to be,” said Teenage Stepdad.

“They invested in me and my vision as a creator, even though I had never attempted anything like it before. The mission of the show is to inspire participation in a bottom-up do-it-yourself media that speaks to the values and interests of poor and working class people. A worker-owned streaming service is the perfect home for Seize the Memes. I’m grateful to the co-op, and to every one of my fellow co-op members, for making this insane show possible.”

Series premiere on 6/9. New episodes every Wednesday at 9am ET.

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