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2 min readJul 7, 2021

Jonny Wanzer, Burlington’s №1 Troll, Joins Means TV

July 7, 2021 — Jonny Wanzer, comedian, activist, and a neoliberal mayor’s worst nightmare, joins Means TV today.

Wanzer, who was born and raised in Burlington, VT creates Public Service Announcements aimed at the city’s biggest issues and worst politicians, slumlords, and small business tyrants.

Jonny Wanzer’s Promo Videos, now on its second season, explores issues like police brutality, slumlords, The University of Vermont (cutting classes, sexual abuse, Alt-Right teachers), and infrastructure disasters caused by neoliberal politicians, in an in your face, tiktok format.

Think John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight meets WWE Smackdown.

The show has not just generated hype online, it has also empowered the city’s young people, and wreaked havoc on local elected officials, landlords and business owners, who, with the demise of local media, have gotten used to flying under the radar of the public eye.

“In a time when young people are feeling especially disempowered, Jonny Wanzer is inspiring many to think beyond the traditional organizing tools, and use our skills to take down those in power,” said Naomi Burton, cofounder of Means TV.

One of Wanzer’s biggest targets is Burlington’s neoliberal mayor, Miro Weinberger. The mayor sent Jonny a cease and desist this year and had to hire a PR manager to deal with the fallout from Jonny’s videos criticizing the ineptitude of his administration and their shady dealings with developers.

“As a small time political satirist who makes his living cyberbullying my mayor and all the powerful assholes in my town, I’m stoked to join a streaming service where I don’t have to censor myself or simp to in order to get my content to the next level,” said Wanzer.

“Means TV provides a much needed anti-capitalist service in a digital media landscape dominated by corrupt corporate interests. I’m excited to see who we can inspire and most importantly, piss off, together.”

Beginning today, Means TV subscribers can watch all of Jonny’s past episodes, and all new content every month.

Watch now Jonny Wanzer now.


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