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2 min readDec 12, 2022

The first film from the American dirtbag left

Before the modern dirtbag left, or the huge wave of people joining DSA, there was Street Fight Radio.

Two middle-aged dads out of Ohio have, for ten years, been at the center of the burgeoning anarchist and socialist movement in the United States, growing an audience of thousands of fans and listeners to their weekly podcast.

Speaking about their former jobs as cable guys, retail workers, and gig economy workers, they’ve developed a message that resonates with huge swaths of the working class, making workers feel less isolated, and validated in their experiences in the capitalist economy.

Yell, Stomp, Hiss, follows Street Fight on their first major tour across the country in 2019, where they are joined by The Trillbillies, a socialist podcast based in Appalachia, as well as The District Sentinel, a socialist news cooperative from Washington, DC.

Together they travel across the south, performing in grungy venues to packed crowds, spreading their message of egalitarianism, revolution, and anarchy.

Directed by Nick Hayes, who has documented Brett and Bryan of Street Fight for years, and later went on to help found Means TV, the film captures the love the two hosts have for each other and the appreciation they have for the audience and scene they’ve built over their decade long run doing the show.

You can’t tell the story of the American Left in the 21st century without telling the story of Street Fight Radio.

Building Communism isn’t just about destroying the status quo, it’s about bringing people together in the process.

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