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2 min readJul 13, 2021


After 22 episodes, Southpaws Sports, Means TV’s weekly anti-capitalist sports show hosted by Adam Vilmin, Maurice Butler, and Nathan Luft, will no longer be airing on the streaming service.

Key people involved in the show wanted to pursue other projects and the entire team came to a decision to end the weekly show.

This is not the last of anti-capitalist sports content or of the Southpaws Sports hosts! The hosts are currently developing new projects for Means TV with updates to come soon.

In its 22 week run, Southpaws Sports interviewed greats like comedian Tony Woods, hockey player Igor Larionov and academics like Andrew MacKinnon.

Maurice’s Ode To Serena Williams

And dove deep into topics like representation in sports, MLB labor disputes and spotlighted overlooked news like gender pay gaps and college basketball teams forcing players to work in unsafe conditions amid the pandemic.

Comedian Tony Woods talks about his grandfather’s experience in the Negro Leagues on Southpaws Sports
Nathan delivers a check to Satchel Paige LL. The hosts raised $1,500 for youth sports organizations serving black communities in DC.

We to thank the team who worked hard behind the scenes and in front of the camera to make this show work.

Every episode of Southpaws Sports will remain available to stream on Means TV perpetually.

Solidarity and a huge thank you to all the loyal Southpaws Sports viewers out there.

Stay tuned for more Means TV sports coverage to come.



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